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From reforming and opening period ,the works has introduced advanced technology and equipments which make the products mannfacturing techniques great progress.

In 1979,the works introduced the technology of oil-impregnated paper condenser bushing from ASEA, Sweden. The works developed new eries products such as transformer bushing and wall bushing through continuously bringing forth new ideas over ten years, there are 94 kinds including normal type and anti-pollution type. The products are adopted IEC International standard and meet the requirement of power transformer forming a complete set at home .

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In 1985,the works introduced ISO-jet shuttle kiln from Bickly inc. USA. The kiln came up to advanced world standard and the firing quality rate reached over 98% , and take good effects on improving quality, assuring using reliability and delivery.
In 1986, the works introduced zinc oxide surge arrester manufacturing technology from HITACH, Japan, and imported zinc oxide elements production line from Japan in 1987. In 1988,zinc oxide elements could be made in our country, In 1989,10500kV zinc oxide surge arrester passed the appraisal of product made by Energy Ministry and Machinery and Electronic Ministry, and passed the operating appraisal made by above two ministries. The products have superior protective characteristic, good reliability, high discharge capacity and good anti-pollution property, etc. Thus assure the best overall protection for trans mission and transformation equipments .The performance reach advanced world standard.

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p04djy1.jpg (18214 bytes) In 1987,the works introduced "ISO-static pressline for manufacturing solid core post insulators" from IFO, Sweden. ISO-static pressline is dry process, and it is very advanced technology in the world currently. There are a few countries to use the technology to manufacture the products at present. ISO-static press dry process have such advantages as homogeneity and compact construction, no impurity, high cantilever strength, turning complicated shell, accurating dimensions of products and shortening production period. The works mainly manufacture high strength and high voltage solid core post insulators.

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