Oil Impregnated Paper Condenser Bushing

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Xi'an High Voltage Porcelain Insulator Works--a member of the Xi'an Electric Manufacturing Group Corporation --manufactures a wide range of electric insulation products including all kinds of bushings used for transformer, shunt reactor, and SF6 switchgear for transmission and transformation systems up to 500kV.Each bushing is a self contained unit supplied completely, assembled and tested, ready for immediate service. Oil impregnated paper bushing are available for voltages from 35 to 500 kV.

Since we got the license and know-how of bushings from ASEA AB in Sweden, we have improved the bushing design and developed new type bushings. The bushings have following construction characteristics.

* Oil impregnated paper condenser core is made of high-voltage insulating paper with aluminium conducting layers and partial discharge less   than 10pc when up to a voltage level 50% above the highest operating voltage to earth.

*Excellent thermal stability, with low dielectric losses even athigh operating temperatue (such as 90).

*Equipped with test tap for tan and partial discharge measurement on transformer.

* Less maintenance and resistance to aging.

* Hermetically sealed with separate oil system.

* The lower end of bushing is protected by porcelain shell which makes the bushing sturdy and prevents the permeation from impurities and moisture.

* Better mechanical property and resistance to earthquake.

The bushings meet the requirement of GB 4109 "General Technical Specification of bushings for Alternating Voltage above 1000V" and  IEC 137 "Bushings for Alternating Voltage above 1000V".

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