10500kV Outdoor Solid Core Post Insulators

Outdoor solid core post insulators are used in outdoor power stations, substations, distribution installation and electrical equipment for insulating and supporting the conducting parts. The insulators are suitablef for use in an ambient temperature from -40 to 40 , partial products are used at an altitude up to 4000 metres. The insulators are dirided into normal type and anti-pollution type .Anti-pollution type insulators are suitable for used in medium and heavy polluted areas.

The insulators are of solid core construction which possesses advantages of long service life, ensured service safety and minimum maintenance work. In order to guarantee   the mechanical property of the insulators, each porcelain piece is checked the internal fault by a ultra-sonic detect  or so as to eliminate unqualified product .

The insulators meet the requirements of GB8287.1 "High voltage post insulators of ceramic material Technical specification". Orders in accordance to other standards are also available.

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