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Xian high voltage porcelain insulator works is a key enterprise for manufacturing and researching ofHV porcelain insulator and surge arrester. The area of the works is 360,000 square meters,its building area is 200,000 square meters, its capital is 220 million yuan. There are 2700 staff and workers, there are more than 300 engineering technicians and there are more than 200 administrative personnel in this works.
The works has complete kinds of products,beside normal products used in general area,the works can manufacture the special      products such as anti-pollution type, plateau type and anti-vibration type.The main products are 70กซ300kN suspension insulators,35 กซ500kV post insulators,35 กซ500kV porcelain housings for apparatus,35 กซ500kV oil immersed paper condenser bushings and 3 กซ500kV metal oxide surge arresters.There are 3 main types of products, 28 series, 560 kinds, 1309 specifications. The registered trademark is "Friendship".

The works can manufacture all products according to Nationalstandard,Ministrystandard andclient's requirements.Exported products are not in onlyaccordancewith IEC standardbut also accordance with ANSI.BS.AS.etc. The products have been sold well at home and exported to over 40 countries and regions.

The works has more than 20 kinds of products winning the excellence title early or later. PQ-10 pin insulator won the National "Silver Prize"; XP-70 suspension insulator, BRD(L)-200/630, BRD-110/630 oil impregnated paper condenser transformer bushing and ZS-500kV/5kN post insulator won the title of excellent product in the city;220กซ500kV/5กซ14kNpost insulator won the title of high quality product in Xi'an; Metal oxide surge arrester won the "Famous product" prize in Shaanxi province.Outdoor post insulator have maintained excellent level for long year through National Technical Supervise Bureau, province and city technical supervise bureau supervision and selective inspection, these products were excused from inspection by Xian city technical supervise bureau In Feb.1997.

The works get ISO9001 quality authentication certificate in Nov.1997



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